Jackson has a strong passion for the prevention and management of lower limb injuries in people of all ages. Although, at times orthotic devices may have their place with patient rehabilitation, Jackson emphasises the need to build strength and function within the lower leg and feet to provide you with the best possible outcomes.
Jackson has bared witness to the pigeon-holing of the podiatrist being nothing more than an orthotic pedalling practitioner and stands strong in dispelling these myths and providing holistic care to all his patients to provide the MOST beneficial therapy.

The M.O.S.T Principles

M – Modify aggravating activities
Reducing Training Load, Type, Duration or Intensity

O – Offload area of discomfort
Using Padding, Taping and Devices to reduce forces around the painful area

S – Strengthening and Conditioning
Activating muscles and controlling movement necessary for daily living and recreational activity. Then building on these patterns to enhance performance in those individual areas.

T – Treat Soft Tissues
With an increase in tissue use, tissue fatigue and tissue trauma it is necessary to provide treatments such as massage, dry needling and ECSWT to reduce pain and fatigue and continue the prescribed management plan.